About Us

About Us


At KMP MODELS, we take pride in the creative service we offer to professionals like architects, planners, interior designers, urban designers, and the likes. We provide the Best Architectural model making in India. We believe in total commitment to the timing and finishing aspect of our service. An architectural model is a type of scale model a physical representation of a structure – built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.


Our Goal


    Our Vision is to contribute to the development by combining the unique service and the high quality in India or World Wide by motivating the Indians youth by sharpening their skills.


    To be Unique and distinguished in providing the best scale models by combining the finest precision of quality involving the latest technologies as well as talented artists.

    Architectural Models

    An architectural model is also known as presentation models. We used Best Material & Excellent Designs for Architectural Model Making in Coimbatore. We design creative Architectural Model Making as per client requirements. Presentation models are often used in client meetings to convey a finished design in miniature while study models are used by architects as part of the design process.

    • Models are the physical representations of the architect’s creativity.
    • Models are what you perceive with your senses as the future manifestation of your creation.
    • Models are the language of creative professionals to convey their designs to clients.
    • Models, in other words, bring to life mere lines on paper.


    Our Services

    • N scale architectural buildings and monument models
    • Miniature models of equipment and machinery for training, display
    • Working models and industrial layouts with interactive controls
    • GIS topography and Irrigation models
    • Mementos and Concept models
    • Virtual 3D designed models from references

    Our Specialty

    • Sophisticated models with interactivity, based on the requirement
    • Clear communication and timely approach
    • High standard materials and quality focus
    • Blend of technology and art
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